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2022 Private SIC Tour  > 1 - 2 Days Tour

Keelung Islet (1 Day) - PK1D-09

Limited Summer Season : July - October

*This tour is not advised for children below 3 years old

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Departure Time : AM 07:00 - 07:30

Duration : 1 Day (10 hours)

Departure / Meet Point : Taipei Main Station

Itinerary :

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Meet at Taipei Main Station

Keelung Islet : Round Island Exploration + Island Hiking + Lighthouse Tour (3.5 hours) - Keelung Islet stands northeast off Keelung. It is the most prominent island landmark in northern Taiwan and is the guidepost for ships shuttling in and out of Keelung Harbor. The graceful parabolic contour of the island makes it one of the eight scenic spots of Keelung. Keelung Islet is a beautiful volcanic island surrounded by cliffs, and there is almost no plain on it. Walks and pavilions are the main recreational facilities on the island. Along the wooden walks, various plants indigenous to Taiwan will unfold before the eyes of visitors, displaying the beauty of nature. For instance, Formosa lily blossoms will cover the entire island in the spring. The island presents multiple beauties in accordance with climatic changes. The entire volcanic island is visible to the eyes during cloudless weather but displays a glimmering look at dusk


Ren Ai Market Food Exploration - The history of Ren'ai Market can be traced back to 1909, and it was the largest non-staple food supplier in Keelung during the Japanese occupation. At Ren'ai Market, you can find local street foods and Keelung specialties. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ren'ai Market is a civilian department store


Heping Island Park - Free Dessert (Japanese Mocha Red Bean Shave Ice or Sweet Rainbow Shave Ice). Located on the east side of Keelung Port, this island is lined with unique rock and stones such as tofu rocks, mushroom shaped rock, etc. this park uses the least artificial facilities to maintain the natural ecology like algae plants, fish, lobster.


Zhengpin Colorful Fishing Port - Located in the south of Heping Island, this old fishing port was founded by the Japanese in 1934 and it was the Taiwan's largest port during the Japanese occupation. After the tonnage of fishing boats gradually increased, the water level of the fishing port was overwhelmed and relatively declining, so the government turn into a sightseeing wharf

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Tour Fare (Adult / per pax) :

4 Pax / Van : USD119
5 Pax / Van : USD106
6 Pax / Van : USD97
7 Pax / Van : USD91

「Child below 3 years old = Free but this tour is not advised for children below 3 years old ; 4 - 12 years old count as adult」

*Additional Indonesian Speaking Guide Fee : USD120/per day

*Additional English Speaking Guide Fee : USD150/per day


Including : 

Transportation (VAN), Meals (as mentioned on itinerary), Mandarin Speaking Guide, Entrance Tickets, and Travel Insurance


Excluding :

Guide & Driver Tipping, and Any Personal Expense